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5 AMAZING things about Buckwheat!

– Buckwheat is not actually related to wheat in any way, it is actually a seed that comes from the plant Fagopyrum esculentum (and so is gluten-free)

– It contains phytonutrient and antioxidant called rutin which help reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol.

– It has a very low G.I. (glycemic index) which means it provides your body with a steady flow of energy and does not cause a spike in blood sugar which helps with diabetes management and may improve insulin resistance.

– It is high in dietary fibre which improves digestion and may help you feel fuller for longer which can be a benefit if you’re trying to lose weight.

– It contains anitoxidants and phenolic compounds which may help fight against certain types of cancer. It also has flavanoids which protect your cells against free radical damage and inflammation.

You can use buckwheat as a breakfast cereal, to make bread and noodles, they can be sprouted and added to any dish or added to granola.

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